As 2019, as part of our corporate identity process, began to define what we believe makes our company special and unique, we thought of IVS-MARKETING as the horns of the bull. We are a Danish owned company that aims to create the absolute best start for companies, as well as help them grow their business, and thus gain a larger market share in their particular field of expertise. We strive to be at the forefront of creating the best start-up digital startup for businesses. We therefore provide web design, online marketing, maintenance and growth strategies for the specific task. But first and foremost we are a company consisting of 4 entrepreneurs, all with background and education in marketing, sales, finance and start-ups.


We strive to meet our customers at eye level and with mutual respect, in order to create the best relationship and trust, which in our optics is absolutely essential for a good cooperation. In connection with our own start-up, we quickly became aware of how quickly the money can be spent as soon as you call the big marketing agencies. That’s why we worked out what we want to define as the perfect solution for new businesses and businesses that want to go online without costing a fortune! We value safety, stability and growth ourselves, and this is precisely what we want to pass on to our customers. We really appreciate your and your interest and hope that IVS-Marketing will continue to bring you great joy and growth in the future.